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We know that making Europe again is not an easy task. However, together with our Partners, we know that we can make the difference.

Together we can
Making Europe again is not an easy task.

At Making Europe Again, we know that in order to make the difference we need some help. That is why we carefully choose our Partners, whose contribution and support is crucial for us. As part of our goal, Making Europe Again aims to broaden its outreach across all boarders, and has established partnerships with a number of bodies in the Member States to carry out joint work on topics and issues that are relevant to the European Union scenario.  

They: help us reach more citizens in Europe; contribute to  organising our initiatives and events; and provide assistance where needed. For that, we are very grateful to them.

By working together we can develop projects that address pertinent and relevant themes and challenges shared among our partners, deepening our expertise and contribute to an enriching policy debate.

Partnerships & Operations Director – Carolina Tranjan

Partner with Making Europe Again

Our partnerships bring together communities, corporations, institutions to collaborate for the future of the European Union. Learn how you, your company or even your institution, can become a part of Making Europe Again’s network.

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We always try to select trusted, reliable Partners. That is why you will see NPOs, NGOs, Universities, EU bodies or agencies and even National institutions involved in our programmes and initiatives.

We offer our expertise

Since Making Europe Again is not a Foundation, but a European NGO, we never offer direct financial support from our Organisation to the initiatives that we contribute to organising together with our Partners.


Any European citizen is also the ultimate beneficiary of our actions, not just the EU institutions. That is why we always rely on local Partners to help us in reaching their own local communities and make an impact.