March the 25th 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, that led to the creation of the European Economic Community, which later on turned into today’s European Union.

A political crisis has gripped the European Union. Refugees from various war-torn countries fled and are fleeing to the EU by the millions. In the still tangible wake of the recent economic crisis, solidarity and cohesion within the Community are endangered. The United Kingdom’s people have already voted to leave the European Union — others might follow.

Recent studies show that Europe’s youths’ attitude towards the European Union is rather negative. Especially in member states suffering from high rates of youth unemployment like Greece, Spain and Italy, adolescents feel neglected.

Recalling the Treaty, we are creating this event in order to revive the European project, reevaluating the future of the Union’s identity, its core values, as well as obligatory changes.

In short, we want to reshape the European Project.

By gathering innovative ideas from Universities, from centres of knowledge as well as from people themselves, we aim to reunite the EU and its institutions with Europe’s citizens and, therefore, its future decision makers.

Our Goals are

1. to show the youth’s desire to relaunch the European project during the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome;
2. to create a Manifesto with clear objectives. These articles will be fundamental for the definition of the European Union’s political future;
3. to have a symbolic event, both cultural and political, representing the starting point of the European Project’s relaunch.


1. A European Manifesto • Workshop

This online platform gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the new Manifesto’s writing process. Its ten articles are covering the following resorts.

1. Governance, 2. Peace & Security, 3. Democracy, 4. Citizens, 5. International Relations, 6. Growth & Finance, 7. Education & Culture, 8. Media, 9. Cooperation & Development, 10. Environment.

The document’s draft will be published on 25th January 2017.

Then, everyone will have the possibility to comment and amend the text. The Organising Team will monitor the input of comments and ideas. The text will be proofread and signed by well-esteemed university professors.

Some time after 25 March 2017, celebrating the anniversary of the Rome Treaties, the amending period will be closed. The document is then revised by the Academic Committee. Successively, the Manifesto will be then sent to political representatives, intellectuals and professors from all around Europe. Starting in spring 2017 it will be possible for anyone to support the project by signing the document online.

2. Our Voice For The European Union • Debate

The main event will be held in spring 2017. Students, professors, intellectuals and political representatives of European and Italian institutions will participate. The event will take place at LUISS University, Viale Romania 32, Rome, Italy, starting in the afternoon.

The event is free and by invitation only. However, a livestream will be provided.

Guests will provide their views and opinions concerning the future of the European Union in an open debate moderated by the Organising Team.

3. Reshaping the European Project • Final Ceremony

A ceremony will conclude the event, during which the reviewed Manifesto will be handed to a representative of the European Union.