Sixty years since the foundations of the European Union were laid down by the Treaty of Rome, Making Europe Again is happy to announce that our organization has been granted the Patronage of the European Parliament.

As the president of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani stated in his letter to our organization, our initiative to encourage Europeans to make changes caused nothing but appreciation among euro-representatives. No matter what language we speak or what our profession is, among our goals is the aim is to protect and promote, now more than ever, the democratic values that are guarantee of European future.

We didn’t only fulfil the requirements for the application at the European Parliament, but following our thoughts and goals common to all Europeans, we managed to meet the criteria for patronage as “high-quality content having clear European dimension that has a relevant impact on public opinion”. That is one more thing to celebrate, because not only does it represent a recognition of the event during which we will present our Manifesto to European representatives, but it is also a great confirmation of our organization’s true European way, and by a European institution itself. Such recognitions only oblige us to work harder towards our main goal of an improved European society that will suit all of its citizens.

Contribute with us, we have a great partner!

Therefore, Making Europe Again is still looking for ideas and contributors for the Manifesto so as to initiate the changes that will make the European Union a better place to live. Also, considering we are operating in a geopolitical context which is raising some questions over the Union and its purpose, we find it remarkable to be partner of an institution that is truly representative of all Europeans. The object is pretty ambitious but we firmly believe in our vision: we understand the responsibility and the commitment required to meet our goals. However, we do it with passion knowing that a different Europe is possible, and we are proud to be part of this wind of change.

We need and we want a change, but we need to stand up for it together, which now seems to be a lot easier, with the support of European Parliament.

Making Europe Again and the European Parliament invite you to join us, and make the European community better for you.