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Unlike many other organisations, we are an independent NGO and for this reason we do not make profits from our work. So, you can see why we need to ask for your help. MEA’s independent projects and activities take a lot of time and hard work; however, we created this Organisation because we believe in our mission: to relaunch the European project and make it participatory and approachable among all generations – and in the end, contribute to make Europe a better place for all Europeans.

Our team is staffed entirely by volunteers and every donation we receive goes towards the operational running of this non-profit NGO. If everyone who visits this website, who reads our contents, helps to support us, then we can continue the inclusive and constructive debate towards a better functioning European Union for all its citizens. So we are inviting you to get closer to MEA, be part of our story and become a supporter. Alternatively, you can always make a one-time contribution.

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We know that not everyone is in a position to help us. But if you can, you will be an integral part of our mission to make Europe a better, fairer place, for everyone.

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MEA commits itself to transparency towards promoters, donators and partners. Find out more about our Organisation, go to our profile in the Transparency Register of the European Commission.

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Your donation will be used to finance our activities, nothing more than that. In fact our people are all volunteers, but please feel always free to send us an email if you need more information. Our door is always open.