Our proposals

How we are responding to the European Commission’s public consultations, making an impact on the future of the European Union.

The Commission is looking for suggestions

The European Commission (EC), one of the 3 most important institutions of the European Union, continuously publishes on its website notices of open public consultations about current matters and issues of the EU.

You can contribute by giving feedback on roadmaps, “which set out ideas for new laws and policies, or for evaluations of existing ones”; legislative proposals; draft acts, “which either amend or supplement existing laws or set the conditions for existing laws to be implemented in the same way across the European Union”.

All the suggestions received are then taken into account by the European Commission, as the text passes through the law-making process.

Have your say

Anyone can give any feedback to the European Commission. Find out more about the current open public consultations and have your say.

We are responding

Making Europe Again, which is a registered European Non-Governmental Organisation, decided to actively participate in the European Commission’s public consultations. More specifically, in those consultations related to “Citizenship”, “Democracy” and “Youth”.

In this section of our website, you can find our working papers and our published feedback for the European Commission by topic and issue.

Our Experts Team

At Making Europe Again, it is our Presidency Office which is in charge of preparing the feedback for the European Commission. Would you like to apply and joining as an Expert? Send us an email.

Our materials are free to use

Of course you can share our materials with other people. However, we ask you to give attribution, as all these materials are provided under a CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 IT international licence.


Making Europe Again commits itself to transparency towards promoters, donators and partners. Find out more about our Organisation, go to our profile in the Transparency Register of the European Commission.

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