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The Politicisation of Culture?

Europe and Culture This summer, the European Parliament officially opened the House of European History. The motives behind this project have been to capture the common experience of Europeans during the 20th century. And, indeed, as the European Parliament has noted, until now, there has been no museum which has managed to bring together these […]

by Ted Oakes • 19 November 2017

Intervista alla Prof.ssa Cicognani sul progetto Catch-EyoU

Professoressa, innanzitutto in cosa consiste il progetto “Catch-EyoU”? “Catch-EyoU” è un progetto finanziato dalla Commissione Europea nell’ambito del programma Horizon 2020[1], che ha per tema la partecipazione sociale e civica dei giovani È iniziato nel settembre 2015 e ha una durata triennale. La ricerca coinvolge nove partner, ovvero sette università europee oltre all’Università di Bologna […]

by bolognaoffice • 17 November 2017
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When did we go wrong? The Catalonia issue

With the collaboration of Carolina Tranjan, contributor for MEA   Shame. Disgrace. Embarrassment. These have been some of the adjectives that have dominated news headlines all around the world referring to the events that took place in Catalonia on October 1st, when the regional government staged a binding referendum to achieve independence from Spain. Many […]

by Nacho Cuevas Martínez • 4 October 2017

Poland and the EU, what’s next?

Poland and judicial reform, democracy at risk? On the 29 July the European Commission launched legal action against Poland. Infringement proceedings are put into action as soon as a Member State appears to have failed to fulfill a Treaty obligation. In this specific case, the risk is directly linked to the idiosyncrasies of the judicial […]

by Amalia Verzola • 5 September 2017
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The EU and the Protection of Cultural Property

  The recent destruction of the Mosul mosque by Daesh has once again focused the attention of the international community on the protection of cultural heritage. The destruction of sites such as these is usually followed by a wave of revulsion, but it is a symptom of a greater malaise: the illicit trafficking of cultural […]

by Ted Oakes • 21 July 2017

Open Data and citizens’ engagement: Bringing the EU closer to the people

Information society and citizens The information society. Open data. Participatory politics. Nowadays, when we talk about citizens’ engagement, we must consider open data and open government. Measuring the quality of government institutions has always been one of the key elements of a democratic society. In order to evaluate government practices, citizens need to be, and […]

by Amalia Verzola • 3 July 2017

Unpaid internships: the challenge of a generation

A troublesome panorama Today, being a young professional is difficult and uncertain. As well prepared as the younger generations are, there is no certainty of employment when the journey for a professional life begins. We, as young professionals, face real challenges when looking for a first job. Recent graduates are normally expected to have prior […]

by Sofia Caseiro • 18 June 2017

Why Is the European Union so Unpopular?

By Titouan Chassagne The European Union impacts every aspect of the lives of its citizens, and it often does so positively. Brussels enforces the world’s strictest health regulations, environmental protections and consumer protection policies. All these efforts largely benefit individuals and limit corporations that have to comply with these costly regulations. Yet, while all these […]

by Making Europe Again • 9 June 2017
The South is the new east

Spring 2017: The South is the new East

The European Union is changing, as we have stated many times. There are two kinds of people in Europe nowadays. Those who want to help it grow into something better, with better organization and with a more developed system, and others that still serve to stereotypes that have been pointed out by Eurosceptics. A two-tier […]

by Ivan Kovačević • 29 May 2017

Macron, New challenges for a new Europe

By Amalia Verzola Macron, “un enfant prodige” at the Elysée Palace Young and audacious, the pro-European centrist Emmanuel Macron is the new French President. With a substantial majority of 65%, he robustly defeated the Front National’s Marine Le Pen at the second round of the French presidential election. Almost unknown three years ago, he presented himself […]

by Making Europe Again • 21 May 2017