Our work environment is multicultural, dynamic and continuously evolving. Join us in reshaping the European Project.

Why volunteer with Making Europe Again

Making Europe Again’s network of volunteers executes campaigns to stimulate debates and conversations about the future of Europe. If you’re passionate about reshaping the European Project, we want you to join us. We may not think you can make the difference… but we do.

How can you make the difference?

We know it is difficult to find some free time also for volunteering. That is why we have two different, separate options for you.

1. Be a member of Staff

Members of Staff work in our Departments and are fully involved in our activities all over Europe. We prepare feedbacks for the European Commission about certain policy fields, we set up with partnerships and more importantly we create new projects on behalf of the Organisation.

2. Be our Brand Ambassador

Making Europe Again has created its own programme for Brand ambassadors, called “European Stars Programme”. The European Stars are our Organisation’s ambassadors in their local communities. These volunteers organise events, debating clubs, spread the word about our Manifesto and mission.

Any question?

Please feel free to contact our Department for Human Resources.