Making Europe Again


Making Europe Again (MEA) is a Non-Governmental Organisation, a non-profit devoted to bringing the European Project back to life, to promote our rich and diverse cultures and a stronger sense of community among us Europeans.

Our mission

We at MEA are concerned about the current state of the European Union, the dwindling solidarity amongst its citizens and the many problems young people in particular are facing.


MEA commits itself to transparency towards promoters, donators and partners. Find out more about our Organisation, go to our profile in the Transparency Register of the European Commission.

Our goals

To counteract this and the various forms of populism and nationalism on the rise all around European countries, Making Europe Again set itself the following goals:

• We aim to reconnect the European Union and its institutions with European citizens.

• We want to raise political awareness and democratic participation all across Europe.

• We want to act as the youths’ voice in order to show their common interest in reviving and reshaping the European Project.

• We are cooperating with other organizations and participating in their projects to reach shared goals.

Since we are a non-profit, we rely on your support to execute our projects, to fulfil our goals and mission.