Making Europe Again

the European Project

Our mission is to contribute to the European integration process and to strengthen the sense of a European identity.

Our impact

Our proposals on the future of the European Union

The European Commission (EC) continuously publishes on its website notices of open public consultations about current matters and issues of the EU.

We decided to actively participate in the European Commission’s public consultations. More specifically, in those consultations related to “Citizenship”, “Democracy” and “Youth”.

Our long-term project

Our Manifesto

We envision that the EU will continue to exist, with enhanced participation, democracy and solidarity as well as a stronger sense of European identity among the citizens.

By creating a new Manifesto that every European can amend and contribute to, we aim at collecting constructive ideas on how to improve the European Union.


Our events

We organise events to stimulate a broader conversation about the future of our European Union.

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